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Please note:  from July 15th to September 3rd we have a 2 night minimum.  Feel free to give us a call and talk about what you are looking for. That way we can tell you about the rooms and make sure you get the best room for your situation.  250 230 6722 or 1 800 RELAX12.


Malcolm Island, BC

Here come the Whales!

SOINTULA - A Place Of Harmony

"We're startled by a cacophony of colours, a jade green building elbowing its mustard yellow neighbour, a sprawling line of buildings topped with scarlet, gold and navy-blue roofs. Slipping into Malcolm Island's Rough Bay aboard BC Ferries' Island Aurora, we've arrived at the village of Sointula somewhat wide-eyed in amazement. Nudging the waters' edge, this wonderful jumble of lively buildings is just one structure. Built and run by the same owners since 1978, The Oceanfront Hotel is a one-off,  confirming what we've already suspected: Sointula is a community like no other."


- Cherie Thiessen


Malcolm Island Is A Utopia

"Practically within reach, orcas glide just off the beaches to rub their black-and-white bodies on the smooth pebble bottom. While Steller sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins and humpback whales patrol the waters around Mitchell Bay. Hiking trails wind through the moss-plastered red cedars and giant sword ferns of the island's interior. The ferry from Port McNeill takes just 25 minutes and bikes are free - courtesy of Sointula's community bicycle program - so grab one and get to know this under-the-radar piece of paradise."


- Michela Rosano


Take a Virtual Tour of our Hotel and Island

A little bit about us

I still remember my first visit here. I had never seen such a concentration of wildness; eagles, sea lions, dolphins and whales feasting on the abundance of herring and salmon. There are just some places that fire your senses and stir your soul and I knew this is where I belonged. Malcolm Island became my home and many of its residents became my second family. Ray moved here in 1978 to rebuild the hotel which he later bought, we met in 1982 and never left. While our hotel has never been described as luxurious or even fancy, it has been described as homey, inviting and comfortable.  It has also been described as rustic, fun and memorable and that has always been good enough for us. In all that time, very little has changed. So whether it is a romantic getaway for a day or two, a wilderness wedding or family reunion, we invite you to come here to explore and experience the wild beauty, rich history and vibrant culture of this magical place.


We look forward to your stay with us.


Robin & Ray

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